October 29, 2018

Video Blog: HKBAV’s Library Donation in Rural Vietnam

Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam (HKBAV), in partnership with The Library Project, recently donated 4 Reading Corners to an elementary school in rural Vietnam. Their donation impacted 120 students and 14 teachers. In total they donated 4 bookshelves, one for each classroom, with a total of 900 Vietnamese language children’s books.

Watch our video below to see this donation day in action!

More About this Rural School

The Library Project works with a lot of small, high-needs schools. The elementary school in the video was no exception. Situated in the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam, this small school consists only of four classrooms.

In order to access the school, a van drove The Library Project team and HKBAV representatives down a dirt road for about 30 minutes. The school was separated by a small road, which turned into a beautiful little bridge crossing over the river.

Small schools like this one are really common in developing countries. These small schools, located in remote areas, allow all children the opportunity to attend school daily without lengthy travel. The Library Project works to ensure that children who are most in need of educational resources are not left behind. With the help of our generous donors, like HKBAV, we are able to provide access to high quality, educational books, giving children in rural areas the chance to improve their literacy.

More about HKBAV

The Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political voluntary Membership Association of Hong Kong business in Vietnam. HKBAV aims to facilitate interactions among its members in the domestic and international business communities in Vietnam and Hong Kong. Further, HKBAV is now a part of a global Business Association sharing a membership database with 43 Hong Kong Business Associations in 31 countries with over 13,000 individual associates.

HKBAV is dedicated to supporting education in Vietnam. Through the work of its Charity Committee and the support of its members, HKBAV has continuously supported The Library Project. In 2017, HKBAV donated multiple Reading Corners, totaling 660 books and impacting 75 children in rural Vietnam. And in 2016, HKBAV donated Reading Corners with a total of 660 children’s books impacting 56 children.

To date, HKBAV has donated 10 Reading Corners, with a total of 2,220 Vietnamese children’s books, impacted 25 teachers and has given 251 students access to high quality educational resources to improve their literacy.

Thank you, HKBAV, for your continued support to improve children’s literacy in Vietnam. To find out more about HKBAV please visit their website. To learn more about The Library Project’s work visit our website, click here to see how you can get involved, or visit our CSR page to see how your company can help improve literacy in Asia.