Organization Impact

  • 2 million children impacted
  • 40,000 teachers trained
  • 3,000 schools reached
  • 100 government partners
  • 20 Years Experience

At The Library Project, we address the critical need for improved literacy by providing comprehensive solutions that extend beyond simply supplying books. Our approach is multifaceted: we create inspiring and functional library spaces, conduct targeted literacy training, and offer continuous teacher training and support. Each element of our strategy is designed to enhance the educational experience and foster a love of reading among students.

By creating tailored library spaces and carefully selecting book content, we aim to make reading accessible and engaging for every student. Our training programs for educators are crafted to ensure that these resources are utilized to their fullest potential, enhancing the learning environment and encouraging a culture of reading. Combining these efforts, The Library Project empowers communities, supports educators, and ignites students’ passion for learning across diverse educational landscapes.

Reading Rooms

Reading Rooms serve entire schools by supplying high-quality educational books. These facilities are established in schools that already possess the necessary infrastructure for a library. Instead of constructing new spaces, we collaborate with local education departments to repurpose existing areas within the school. This approach transforms underutilized spaces into stunning new children’s libraries, enhancing the educational environment for the entire school.

Reading Corners

Reading Corners offers each classroom direct access to a diverse collection of high-quality STEAM books covering Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. This model integrates the library within the classroom, ensuring students and teachers have access to valuable educational resources. Classroom libraries provide students immediate access to engaging, deeply enriching educational books.

Literacy Bags

Literacy Bags equip children with their own personal collection of high-quality educational books to take home. These bags represent the initial steps towards creating a home library and are exclusively theirs. We distribute Literacy Bags through partnerships with local governments, schools, and educators, ensuring children can continue reading and learning at home.


STEAM Boxes are designed to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning by combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics into engaging hands-on activities. STEAM Boxes provide all the materials and instructions for children to explore and innovate, perfect for classrooms, libraries, and community centers.

Global Literacy Partnerships

At The Library Project, we are committed to empowering Literacy Organizations and NGOs worldwide to make a lasting impact through library donations. We provide free resources and support to help your organization achieve its goals and create meaningful community change.

Where We Work

At The Library Project, we are dedicated to making a lasting impact on children’s education and literacy around the world. Our primary focus is on rural elementary schools, orphanages, community centers, and children’s hospitals in China, where we lead comprehensive library donations, literacy programs, and teacher training initiatives. These efforts aim to create vibrant, resource-rich environments that foster a love for reading and learning among young students.

Beyond China, our commitment to global literacy extends through our Global Literacy Partnership initiative. This program offers support to small, literacy-focused nonprofit organizations worldwide, providing them with the resources and guidance they need to thrive—entirely free of charge. By collaborating with local and international partners, we amplify our reach and effectiveness, working towards a world where every child has access to the educational tools they deserve.

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