Where We Work

Rural Children’s Literacy

The Library Project focuses on improving children’s literacy found at rural primary schools, orphanages and community centers in Asia. This comes in the form of three programs; library donations, literacy programs and teacher training. All three of these programs have a razor sharp focus on getting children excited about reading, and all three programs have a multi-year monitoring, evaluation and support structure ensuring we meet our programmatic goal of improving rural literacy.

Rural Primary Schools

95% of the libraries we donate go into rural primary schools. This is because there is a clear need for libraries and because teachers are available to manage the libraries on a day-to-day basis. The schools we work with are underfunded and tend to be smaller in size, between 50-200 children in attendance. The size of a school matter in that it determine the amount of money local governments provide.


Local Governments & Education Policy

At 100% of the rural primary school libraries we’ve partnered with the local Board of Education. It is essential to engage the local government and support their future plans for their school district.  In total, we’ve partnered with over one hundred local governments over the past ten years. These partnerships help us to push the teachers and administrators to meet our organization’s literacy goals at each of the libraries we donate.

Where work in two countries

We work in rural communities in China and Vietnam.