November 12, 2018

How The Library Project Celebrates World Kindness Day, Everyday

November 13th marks World Kindness Day. It’s a day to intentionally spread more kindness throughout the world, whether through telling your family something nice or buying a stranger a cup of coffee.

Why does The Library Project care about World Kindness Day?

Here at The Library Project, we value characteristics that construct a peaceful world. Attributes such as courage, humility and kindness are topics that fill the pages of the books we donate in our Reading Rooms and Reading Corners. These libraries, donated to rural elementary schools throughout Asia, give children access to a broader view of compassion. The Library Project programming staff carefully selects books that show children that kindness comes in many different forms.

We hope the more kindness we show to children, the more benevolent our world will be in the future.

Check out one of The Library Project’s favorite books about kindness that goes into our Reading Rooms and Reading Corners.

On The Library Project’s Bookshelf:

A Look Inside One of Our Books about Kindness

Featured Book: Blind Little Red Riding Hood, by Han Xu 韩煦

(走出森林的小红帽; Cô Bé Quàng Khăn Đỏ Không Thấy Đường😉

This book is a twist on the original Little Red Riding Hood story. Like the original, the young girl is journeying through the forest to reach her grandmother’s house.

In this story, though, Little Red Riding Hood is blind.

Instead of seeing the wolf’s features, she feels his ears, his sharp teeth and smells his terrible scent.

Despite his scary features, Little Red Riding Hood isn’t afraid. Instead, she tries to befriend him by offering him flowers and fruit.

The wolf tries to attack the girl, but he manages to fall into a pit and hurt himself.

Instead of running away, though, blind Little Red Riding Hood helps him out of the pit and bandages his wounds from a piece of her own scarf.

The wolf goes on his own way, leaving the girl to reach her grandmother’s house safely.

This funny book shows that it’s easy to be kind to others, even if they don’t deserve it. It’s a humorously written and beautifully illustrative book showing children that being kind has benefits that sometimes we can’t even see.

Happy World Kindness Day from The Library Project. We hope that you can spread some extra kindness into the world today.

If you’d like to celebrate today by donating a book about kindness, a $2 donation to The Library Project purchases one high-quality kindness book like this one.

Visit our website to directly donate a kindness book to rural elementary students today.


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