October 23, 2018

iRead Foundation Supports Children’s Literacy, Impacts over 3,000 students in China

The Library Project partners with iRead Foundation in China, leaving a lasting impact on children’s literacy. Through a generous donation spanning the course of one year, iRead Foundation has trained teachers, conducted reading programs and donated over 4,000 children’s books impacting over 3,300 Chinese students.

iRead Foundation aims to ensure children find the joy of reading through high quality children’s resources and programs. This aligns with The Library Project’s mission to provide children with access to educational resources in order to improve literacy. iRead Foundation supports The Library Project’s Literacy Programs in China through book donations, reading programs and teacher training.

iRead Foundation donated 4,450 age appropriate, local language children’s books to 15 different schools in Shannxi Province, China, impacting 3,300 students!

The teachers at these schools now conduct daily reading sessions. These readings occur each morning for about 20 minutes. Teachers also conduct 1 reading class per week through the support of iRead Foundation. The morning reading sessions and weekly reading classes encourage children to find joy in reading, form good reading habits and improve their literacy.


iRead Foundation’s program expert and program manager provide teacher training for Chinese teachers by giving them online teacher training as well as daily tutoring.

Over 3,300 Chinese students now have the chance to improve their literacy because of iRead Foundation’s generous donation to The Library Project. We are thankful for iRead Foundation’s dedication to improving children’s education and literacy. To find out how you or your company can help improve literacy in Asia, please visit our website.