April 23, 2019

What to give your kids this World Book Day?

Annual April 23 World Book Day is an event organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing books and authorship. For children, this is an opportunity for them to be given new books and disguised as characters in favorite books. World Book Day is celebrated for the first time on April 23, 1995.

On this occasion, parents can buy books as presents for their children, help them get used to reading and have more useful knowledge from books. The Library Project would like to suggest some outstanding books for elementary school children:


1. For kids who love science: 


(World Publishing, original version from Usborne Publishing)



This is one of the most eye-catching children’s encyclopedias we’ve ever read. It’s a set of 4 books on Science, Space, Human Body and Food. Much information is mentioned in the book, but the use of illustration and infographic is maximized, making the book not too heavy for children.



If other encyclopedias focus on the topic of nature and animals, then 100 Things To Know has two separate books about the human body and food, with information verified by experts.



As the name suggests, these books bring unexpected truths, which not only surprise children but also adults. This is a book worth reading even though you may already have many encyclopedias on your bookshelf.




2. For kids to understand history:


(Kim Dong Publishing)



History will no longer be a “dry” subject if your child has access to this book. 4,000 years of Vietnamese history are summed up in 75 colorful book pages. Each page opens a dynasty, a great event, or a unique aspect of culture from time to time. Along with every detailed picture drawn in Vietnamese style is a short paragraph containing just enough knowledge for kids.



The book also has a timeline divided by periods, clearly showing the stage being mentioned in the book page through the picture of a horse. This is a simple but effective way to help children both know the details of historical events and understand the big picture. The book, edited by the renowed Vietnamese historian Duong Trung Quoc, is undoubtedly a useful and accurate source of knowledge for children to nurture the love for Vietnamese history.



3. For artistic children:


(Thanh Nien Publishing, original version from Usborne Publishing)



This book will open a huge, colorful world in front of children’s eyes. With this book, children can not only be children familiar with the meaning and funny stories associated with colors, but they can also learn how to mix colors and color schemes to their liking.



Kids will enjoy the “transformation” from purple to pink, from orange to yellow when flipping through the transparent page, or attentively rotate the color circle to find the perfect combination their upcoming painting. This is a great source of inspiration for little artists.




4. For children to learn about health:


(Kim Dong Publishing)



Parents are usually the ones who take care of their children’s health, but it is much better if children know the basics to prevent common diseases. In addition to the symptoms and advice for children to read, the book also contains a section of content that instructs parents how to take care of their children if they are ill. At the end of the book, the author also gives instructions on how to build family medicine cabinets and adds emergency phone numbers.



This small book needs to be in every family’s bookshelf, so that both parents and children know how to live healthier.


Another choice for this World Book Day is to donate these useful books to Vietnamese rural students. With $2, you can give one educational book for children in need. For more information, please visit our page.