December 30, 2020

975 Children’s Literacy Bags in Quảng Bình Province

On 23rd December 2020, The Library Project team visited 3 elementary schools in the flood-hit Quảng Bình province to provide 975 Emergency Children’s Literacy Bags. Through the positive support from many generous donors, we are able to make this possible for the students in need. Let’s rewind this journey together! 

A month in tragedies

In early October 2020, the Central region of Vietnam was devastated by torrential downpours and flooding. This catastrophic natural disaster has caused significant damage in many provinces, such as Hà Tĩnh, Quảng Bình, Quảng Trị, and Thừa Thiên Huế. Residents in these areas were either trapped in their flooded houses for days or they had to relocate to a safer shelter. Children in these households were also unable to attend schools and their school supplies were also severely damaged. 

A residential area in Quảng Bình province

Our response

In the wake of this tragedy, The Library Project had responded to the appeal from the People’s Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) and started our first Emergency Children’s Literacy Bag in Vietnam to help assist the students and families in the flood-hit areas. 

Within one month of fundraising for the literacy bags, we had received more than 20 donations from individual donors and generous donations from organizations such as Saigon South International School, Princeton English, Savills Hotels APAC, Biti’s, and Lý Gia Viên. This brought the total amount of our fundraising up to 228,750,000 VND ($9,905) which were equal to 975 Literacy Bags. 

Students from Princeton English (Ha Noi) showed their support by organizing a local book drive and fundraising 12,500,000VND for the Emergency Children’s Literacy Bag Program.
Savills Hotels APAC also joined hands and supported our project via their Oscar Night networking event in Ha Noi with total fundraising of 14 million VND. Their beverage sponsor for the night – Lý Gia Viên also showed their generous support for the Literacy Bags Project with a $1,000 donation.

Program preparation

After finalizing our fundraising campaign, our program team started contacting Quảng Bình Union of Friendship Organization to search for schools that were heavily damaged during the flooding. We came across 3 schools and spoke to the principals to learn about the devastating effects of the aftermath. Through our pre-assessment, we learned that in Quảng Bình, the floodwaters measured up to 4.88m. Especially in Quảng Minh A Elementary school (Ba Đồn District), the roofs on 5 classrooms were blown away by the heavy wind. In Thanh Thuỷ’s school (Tuyên Hoá District), the floodwater covered the entire ground floor. 

Aftermath pictures from Quảng Minh A School
The floodwater covered the ground floor of Thanh Thuỷ School

Within two weeks of preparation, we ordered and purchased all the essential items including 2,377 storybooks, 3352 notebooks, 1950 pens, 975 bags, 975 pencils, 975 erasers, and 975 rulers. These items were carefully wrapped and packaged by our enthusiastic volunteers just in time for Christmas delivery to the students. 

A sample bag with 3 storybooks and essential schools’ stationery
Our crowded office was busy packing the bags for the students

Our visit to the schools

Our Program Coordinator – Mr. Bao traveled to Quảng Bình province to visit the students and teachers in person. Amidst the cold weather in the rural areas of Quảng Bình, we were warmly welcomed by the schools.  

Mr. Quyet – The principal of Thanh Thuỷ Elementary School welcomed our team and expressed his gratitude for these meaningful gifts.

One of the most special things about our donation trip was that Biti’s also came along and supported more than 500 bags for 2 schools: Thanh Thuy and Le Truc. At Thanh Thuy School, 431 students received our Literacy Bags. They each got a brand new pair of shoes sponsored by Biti’s as well. 

A student boy is reading his new book with great curiosity

At Lê Trực School, 117 students whose houses were heavily flooded were also supported by our Literacy Bags.

Mr. Bao – TLP Program Coordinator (on the left) along with Ms. Nguyen – Le Truc’s Principal (in the middle) and Ms. Giang – Sustainability Manager from Biti’s (on the right) posed for a group picture with the students.

At Quảng Minh A school, 427 students from Grade 1- Grade 5 received our beautiful literacy bags. We were amazed by the friendly welcome from Ms. Hang – the Principal and the students’ excitement with their brand new bags.

With the generous support from many compassionate donors, we were able to put together a successful program that helps rebuilt children’s education paths in the flood-hit areas.

We would also like to send our special thank you to PACCOM (People’s Aid Coordinating Committee) and Quảng Bình Union of Friendship Organization for assisting us throughout the process. Our dedicated volunteers also played an important part in packing these beautiful and meaningful gifts. We are proud to have ended the year very strongly with such an impactful program.

Here to more wonderful journeys in 2021. From The Library Project team, Happy New Year!