May 18, 2017

M&G Supports Rural Literacy

M&G has just completed the donation of their tenth library donation this year. These libraries are located in three provinces; Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai. Their commitment to children’s literacy has impacted over 7,000 students, providing them access to a beautiful Reading Room.

Beautiful libraries

The Library Project and M&G donate libraries to improve children’s literacy. Children gain access to a beautiful school library providing fun and interesting children’s books that spark their imaginations and promote a lifelong love of reading. Having fun educational books easily available helps to encourage independent learning, intellectual curiosity, and a lifelong passion for reading.

All of our library donations have a teacher training component. This course covers how to properly loan books to students, how to use the children’s books in a classroom setting, and how to get the students involved in the maintenance of their library.

M&G making a difference

M&G prides itself as a “Creative Corporation,” and for that reason they also donated M&G art supplies, such as colored pencils and artwork paper. They understand that a library is not only a place to read, but also functions as a space to explore, learn and grow. This is a great example of one of our partners bringing their company’s core values into their CSR programs in a positive manner.

Thank you to everyone at M&G for your commitment to children’s literacy!