Teacher Training

Why teacher training?

The Library Project provides a quality teacher training course. Our teacher training course is created specifically for teachers and administrators on how to manage their library. This course covers how to properly care for their library, how to use the books in a classroom setting, and how to get the teaching staff involved in the maintenance of their library.

Why is this important?

Teachers are important. We have found that this training course results in 94% of our libraries being effectively used on a daily-to-weekly basis after the first year. These are the kinds of results that everyone at The Library Project is so proud of and keeps us moving toward our goals every day. The Library Project conducts an annual 3-year Monitoring & Evaluation and when schools need support it receives additional training.

“A library means having an alternative source of literacy tools for pupils. Because these children live in a rural area, many of their parents have left for the cities to earn money. The education is usually left to the grandparents, who are ill-equipped to educate the children. Libraries provide the missing link in their education and turn students on to mentally engaging hobbies. I am glad to have such a library.”

—Principal in the Anhui Province, China

A few photos of our recent teacher training courses

Ten years of results


Teachers Impacted


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