Literacy Programs

What are Literacy Programs?

Literacy programs have one simple focus; to get children excited about reading.  We see this as the second part to a library donation. Once a library is in place, it is essential to properly introduce children to a world filled with books.

Literacy programs are also a time to introduce the teachers and administrators on how best to get children excited about their new library. This is a big reason why our libraries are used on day-one.

We want children to read

We conduct literacy programs in rural primary schools, orphanages and community centers to support children’s literacy. We want children to read. The books that we donate are 100% age appropriate local language children’s books; books that children get excited about reading.

A literacy program is a structured time to properly introduce children to the world or reading.

"I like the new library. I would love to come here often. I don't know what my favorite book is, there are so many books."

—Student in the Shaanxi Province, China.

 "I had never seen so many books before. Now my classmates and I borrow a book every Friday."

—Student in the Anhui Province, China.

A few photos of our recent literacy programs

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Literacy Programs




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