Cisco Sytems Vietnam Supports One Reading Room to Tân Lược Primary School

On July 3rd, Cisco Systems Vietnam partners with The Library Project to donate one Reading Room to Tân Lược Primary School. This donation has impacted 1,063 students and 42 teachers. 

Our Journey

Tân Lược Primary School is located in Bình Tân District – a rural district bordering with Can Tho City and is 40km away from Vinh Long city center. Along the 809 Highway connecting Vinh Long city center to Binh Tan district are the vast green paddy fields. 

The school is still under renovation at the time of our arrival. The Satellite school is in the process of building 18 new classrooms, bringing the total number of classrooms at this facility to 28 rooms. Once the renovation is completed, the school will merge the two campuses together.

Although our entrance to the library is quite narrow and muddy due to last night rain, the logistics work of moving heavy boxes is quickly completed with the enthusiastic support from Cisco volunteers.

We were warmly welcomed by the school’s board at the library. Attending the meeting are representatives from Vinh Long Union of Friendship Organization, Binh Tan District Board of Education. Ms. Thuy Luong – General Director of Cisco Vietnam expresses her great pleasure of visiting the school and her belief in the long-lasting impact of a new library to the academic development of Tan Luoc school. On behalf of the school, teachers and students, the Principal – Mr. Nghia also expresses his gratitude for Cisco support with a high-quality library. 

A New Beginning

After our meeting, Cisco volunteers begin their work with setting up the library. We start off with stamping the books and assembling the rolling carts for the innovation corners.  

Once each book is placed on the shelf, and each educational poster is stamped on the wall, a beautiful library is slowly coming to life. 

While the library is being renovated by Cisco team, our Program Coordinator conducts a Teacher Training session with the school’s librarian. The training focuses on helping our librarian to operate the library effectively. The librarian was also given two library management handbooks, compiled and published internally by The Library Project.

A Beautiful Library

A brand new library has come to life! This beautiful library is our proud achievement after months of coordination between Cisco and The Library Project, from a simple idea to a functional library. 

The cooperation between Cisco Vietnam and The Library Project has turned an old classroom into a spacious new library. The new Reading Room would become a learning space for more than 1000 students at Tan Luoc Primary School. 

On behalf of Cisco Systems Vietnam, Ms. Luong Thi Le Thuy – General Director of the company – presented a new Reading Room to Mr. Luu Huu Nghia – Principal of Tan Luoc Primary School.

Our Reading Room donation to Tan Luoc Primary School provides 5 bookshelves with more than 1000 books ranging from different topics. This will be an important starting point for students on their quest to discover great knowledge.

The Library Project has designed 7 educational posters dedicated only to elementary school students. Together with the World Map and Vietnam Map, these posters will support the teachers and students with Biology, Geography, Science subjects. 

The innovation corner is a special gift from Cisco for Tan Luoc Primary School. This place will nurture young talents to become future scientist, inventors and artists. This is where students can freely express their creativity with their peers. 

Our Literacy Program

After lunch time, we begin our Literacy Program with the students. This has always been the most anticipated part of our donation in which students can explore their new library. Our Program Coordinator introduces the new library to the students and shares effective reading steps. We start our program with an energetic warm-up game. 

After the warm-up game, students are asked to choose their favorite book on the shelf. 

…and look for their most favorite picture…

…and share it with their friends….

The colorful book with eye-catching illustrations is a page-turner for students. 

The students have the chance to share their favorite picture/page in front of the class. 

Library instruction and rules is one of the important part of our Literacy Program. 

Instructions on how to read and practice are central to the Literacy Program. The goal of this activity is to teach students effective reading fluency and comprehension skills. 

Reading instruction is conducted directly by Cisco volunteers. 

Cisco volunteers will read the story to a small group students and lead the discussion by asking them questions and from then students can freely express their opinions. 

The stories that are used in this activity have been carefully selected by our staff. The stories convey meaningful message about honesty, compassion & gender equality. 

Each book is a way to open up new and colorful world. Reading a good book is a wonderful journey for every student. 

Thanks to the guidance from Cisco volunteers, the students enthusiastically all share their thoughts and retell the story together to their own liking.

Explore the new innovation corner

Students get really excited with the innovation corner. We believe that this is the first time students get to see so many cool educational toys. Educational toys in the Innovation Corner not only allow students to turn unique, daring ideas into reality, but also help them practice teamwork and communication skills. 

We have so much fun during this donation with Cisco team and the students. We are happy with the beautiful library and we believe that Cisco-The Library Project donation will have a long-lasting impact for many generations to come at Tan Luoc Primary School.

About Cisco Systems Vietnam

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a US multinational technology corporation headquartered in Silicon Valley. The company is the world’s leading supplier of computer networking products, systems, and services. Cisco established a representative office in Vietnam in 1998. In 2004, Cisco changed its legal status to become a 100% foreign-invested enterprise with the name of Cisco Systems Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Cisco Systems Vietnam Limited).

About The Library Project

The Library Project is a 501(c)(3) operating in Vietnam and China. We donate local language children’s libraries, conduct Literacy Programs and Teacher Trainings. We have impacted over 1 million children, trained over 30,000 teachers and donated nearly 2 million books so far. Learn more about our work here.