December 10, 2019

Gameloft Vietnam & Bolloré Logistics Vietnam Donate Five Libraries

A New Beginning

On August 24, 2019, Gameloft Vietnam and Bolloré Logistics Vietnam, in partnership with The Library Project, donated 5 STEAM Classroom Libraries to a rural elementary school in Vietnam. Their donation included 500 Vietnamese language children’s books, educational toys and posters, globes and STEAM Activity Kits.

Because of the sponsorship of Gameloft Vietnam and Bolloré Logistics Vietnam, 275 students were able to begin their new academic school year fully equipped with their own high-quality libraries with 500 new Vietnamese language children’s books.

Getting to the Rural School

A narrow, winding road led us to Trường Tiểu học Trung Thành Đông A (Trung Thanh Dong A Elementary School). This school lies in rural district of Vinh Long province. The school is far from a main road, but the path there is covered with the bright green nature. There is even a small stream across from the school itself.

Creating Change in the Classroom

The employees from Gameloft Vietnam and Bolloré Logistics Vietnam helped unload all of the resources for their donation. Even on this very hot day, through a lot of physical work, all the employees were very happy! This school has two levels, so the volunteers even carried bookshelves up a flight of stairs!

The employees then put together each of the STEAM Classroom Libraries, arranging the 100 books, educational toys, and STEAM Activity Kits. They also hung world maps, maps of Vietnam and educational posters about health, animals and food.

Each STEAM Classroom Library contains 100 Vietnamese language children’s books that focus on STEAM topics (science, technology, engineering, art and math). The books also cover how to respect the environment, health, kindness and gender equality. Each STEAM Classroom Library also contains at least one scientific experiment book that corresponds to our very own hand-crafted STEAM Activity Kit. This kit includes reusable resources so teachers and students are fully equipped to conduct hands-on experiments inside the classroom.

The Gameloft Vietnam and Bolloré Logistics Vietnam donation consisted of 5 STEAM Classroom Libraries, totaling 5 beautiful blue bookshelves and a total of 500 Vietnamese-language children’s books.

Maps, educational posters and a globe adorn each classroom that receives a STEAM Classroom Library. Each library also comes with either LEGOS or wooden blocks to give children the opportunity to explore their creative engineering. After the libraries were set up, the children used their own creativity and critical thinking to build a structure!


The Library Project’s Literacy Program

The Library Project staff conducts a Literacy Program at each library donation to get children excited about their new library. The Library Project staff led a game where the students had to find information in their new books. This game is a fun introduction to the variety of books in their new library. Employee volunteers helped the students navigate through their new books during the game.

After the literacy-based activities, The Library Project, Gameloft Vietnam employees, and Bolloré Logistics Vietnam employees conducted a science-based Literacy Program. This is a great introduction to all of the high-quality STEAM books in their new library.

Gameloft Vietnam and Bolloré Logistics Vietnam employees help lead each activity and explain the science behind them. From creating a rainbow to using air pressure to move a can, the employees played a very important role in getting the students excited about science!

Exploring their New Books

The students got some time to choose a book from their new library and read independently.


Employee volunteers sat with the children and read together with them, asking them questions about the characters and stories.



A Fun Goodbye!

The employee volunteers sang and danced to “Baby Shark” with the students before saying goodbye.


About Gameloft Vietnam

Gameloft is a leading global publisher of digital and social apps. The company is one of the top innovators in its field, creating products for a variety of digital platforms. In 2004, Gameloft expanded to Vietnam with a head office in Saigon and Studio Offices in Saigon, Da Nang and Hanoi.

Gameloft Vietnam has partnered with The Library Project many times before this donation. In fact, Gameloft Vietnam has donated 7 STEAM Classroom Libraries benefitting 444 children in 2019 alone! The Library Project is grateful for the company’s continued support to improve children’s education in rural Vietnam. Learn more about Gameloft Vietnam here.


About Bolloré Logistics Vietnam

Bolloré Logistics is a global leader in international transport & logistics. The company is a tier-one supply chain partner and one of the top 10 transport and logistics companies in the world with the largest integrated logistics network in Africa.

Bolloré Logistics Vietnam was established in 1989, becoming the first international logistics company with a set up in Saigon.  Bolloré Logistics Vietnam offers a full range of transport and logistics services along with custom brokerage, industrial projects handling and warehousing solutions. They also offers tailor-made solutions such as fashion and luxury goods, healthcare, aerospace, high tech and aid and relief.

This was Bolloré Logistics Vietnam’s first library donation with The Library Project, but we hope it is the first of many! Their donation made a large impact on a rural school, changing the infrastructure of each classroom and benefitting 275 students! Learn more about Bolloré Logistics Vietnam here.


Thank you Gameloft Vietnam & Bolloré Logistics Vietnam for your donation of 5 STEAM Classroom Libraries benefitting 275 students in rural Vietnam!


About The Library Project

The Library Project is a 501(c)(3) operating in Vietnam and China. We donate local language children’s libraries, conduct Literacy Programs and Teacher Trainings. We have impacted over 1 million children, trained over 30,000 teachers and donated nearly 2 million books so far. Learn more about our work here.