September 11, 2018

C’s Bag Supports Children’s Literacy!

C’s Bag has pledged 10% of their first product’s sales in support of children’s literacy and The Library Project. The Cangjie Zaozi Bag comes in four distinctive colors and features a set of the Cangjie Chinese characters, dating from 2650 BCE.

This partnership means a great deal to the entire TLP team. The founder of C’s Bag is none other than, Christine Wang, TLP’s past Fundraising Director. Christine worked with TLP for over nine years and was responsible for fundraising over 2,000 rural elementary school libraries. We are all proud to be a part of Christine’s new venture, C’s Bag, which promotes Chinese culture through quality product designs like the Cangjie Zaozi Bag.

Take a moment to check out the designs below. If you are interested in purchasing, simply scan the QR Code. C’s Bag can ship throughout China and to International mailing addresses.