April 19, 2007

The Library project provides its first library in Vietnam

We are incredibly excited to announce that The Library Project has just donated our first library to a Vietnamese elementary school, the 71 Ton Dan Elementary School in Saigon.

In total, we donated over 250 books of all shapes, sizes, and subjects. There were large format pop-up books for Grades 1 – 2; colorful comic books for the boys in Grades 3 – 5; books on butterflies, penguins, and puppies for the girls in Grades 4 – 5; along with an assortment of other educational books. The School Principle, Ms. Trinh, was very happy with the books and pleased that their subject matter would supplement the school’s current curriculum quite well.

The project was lucky enough to have one of our Board Members, Scott Glassmeyer, in Saigon to lend a hand with donating books. Also present was the amazing Ms. Trang (Lisa). Lisa as always was instrumental in setting up meetings, translating and selecting the appropriate books. Thank you!

Please enjoy the pictures below from the 71 Ton Dan Elementary School celebration and share our excitement as well as the children’s in watching The Library Project grow.