May 12, 2013

The Library Project is now registered in Hong Kong

The Library Project is a non-profit charity organization that donates books and libraries to the under-financed schools in China and Vietnam. Up to now, The Library Project has donated more than 1,000 local language libraries for elementary schools in remote areas of both China and Vietnam.

In May 2013, The Library Project has become a registered non-profit organization in Hong Kong. This allows The Library Project to provide individual, corporate and charitable foundations with tax-deductible receipts for financial contributions.

“The Library Project is an incredibly results oriented organization, donating over 1,000 libraries in less than seven years throughout China and Vietnam. We are very excited to now have the opportunity to work with people in Hong Kong to improve the education that so many children receive in rural Asia,” said Tom Stader, Executive Director and Founder of The Library Project.

To learn more about The Library Project, please check out their website at: