October 27, 2016

Brady China Donates 134 Libraries

For the past six years, The Library Project and Brady China, have partnered to improve children’s literacy in China. Our first library donation together was in April 2010. Since then, we have donated 134 rural primary school libraries located in Sichuan, Anhui, Guangdong, Shaanxi, Hebei, Fujian, Ningxia and Henan, impacting over 32,391 students and teachers.

Beautiful libraries

The Library Project and Brady donated beautiful libraries to improve children’s literacy attending rural primary schools. Children gained access to a beautiful school library providing fun and interesting children’s books that spark their imaginations and promote a lifelong love of reading. Having fun educational books easily available helps to encourage independent learning, intellectual curiosity, and a lifelong passion for reading.

All of our library donations had a teacher training component. This course covered how to properly loan books to students, how to use the children’s books in a classroom setting, and how to get the students involved in the maintenance of their library.

Libraries Students Books
2010 1 180 500
2011 26 3,540 12,400
2012 28 10,325 15,500
2013 29 9,603 15,700
2015 25 4,554 20,750
2016 25 4,189 20,250
TOTAL 134 32,391 85,100

Local language children’s books

We provided a wide range of local language children’s books including history, science, short stories, fairy tales, books for very young readers, children’s dictionaries, children’s reference books, and an assortment of comic books. Each school also received a full set of children’s encyclopedias for older students. Every book was in full color and of the highest print quality. To acquire our books, we worked with various large bookstores’ regional warehouses, online book distributors, and also resellers.

Brady China’s 2016 Employee Volunteerism

Brady China employees got involved at the 2016 library donations.  Employees traveled for many hours via plane, train, bus or van to help improve rural literacy at their library donations.  They helped by organizing over 20,000 local language children’s books, along with assembling bookshelves, tables, chairs and globes at 25 library donations.  Most importantly they passed on their love of reading to the students in the form of volunteer led literacy programs.  Their impact at each school was huge.

Thank you, Brady China!

A huge TLP Thank You to everyone at Brady China for your continued support of rural literacy. Your support, dedication and long hours traveling to the rural schools has been incredible. Thank you!

A few photos from Brady China’s 2016 library donations

Brady China’s employee volunteers celebrating a recent library donation with students.

Brady China’s employee volunteer conducting a literacy program with students at a rural primary school.

Volunteers from Brady China and MSOE organizing a school’s brand new library!






About Brady Corporation

Brady Corporation is an international manufacturer and marketer of complete solutions that identify and protect people, products and places. Brady’s products help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance and include high-performance labels, signs, safety devices, printing systems and software. Founded in 1914, the Company has a diverse customer base in electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, electrical, construction, medical, aerospace and a variety of other industries. Brady is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and as of July 31, 2016, employed approximately 6,400 people in its worldwide businesses.

About The Library Project

The Library Project is a non-profit organization that donates books and libraries to under financed rural primary schools and orphanages in Asia. Up to now, The Library Project has donated over 2000 libraries and one million books to primary schools in the remote areas of Cambodia, China and Vietnam. These libraries continue to benefit 700,000 children every day. The Library Project is a 501(c)3 recognized organization in the USA, a charity partner of the China Population Welfare Foundation: a non-profit charity organization registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and registered non-profit organization in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia.