July 26, 2012

77 Library Donations with UTC Aerospace China

Brings Joy of Reading to Over 18,000 Elementary School Students This Summer

UTC’s China aerospace units Pratt & WhitneyHamilton Sundstrand and Sikorsky, in partnership with The Library Project, recently completed the donation of 77 libraries to elementary schools in 6 provinces in China. Up to now, the company’s CSR program – UTC Aerospace China Library Project has donated a total of 38,500 books and brought joy of reading to about 18,400 students and more than 1,000 teachers this summer. Pratt & Whitney, Hamilton Sundstrand and Sikorsky are divisions of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

“UTC is a company that advocates life-long education,” said Liping Xie, Senior Managing Director, UTC Aerospace China, “We’re committed to providing a great learning environment for our employees at the workplace and also encourage their contribution to support education development in the communities.”

Funded by UTC China, the UTC Aerospace China Library Program provides reading rooms or reading corners for students and teachers at elementary schools in the rural areas in China. Every library is equipped with more than 500 children’s books that cover a broad range of interests from fairy tales, short stories to history and science learning, from student reference books to a full set of children’s encyclopedias.

Launched in November 2011, the UTC Aerospace China Library Project plans to complete the donation of 100 libraries by end of October 2012. With support from China Population Welfare Foundation and the local communities, UTC’s China aerospace units partner with The Library Project to donate libraries to elementary schools in Anhui, Hebei, Shan’xi, Hunan, Sichuan and Fujian provinces.

Up to now, 160 China employee volunteers from Pratt & Whitney, Hamilton Sundstrand and Sikorsky have taken over 30 trips to donate libraries in the remote areas. “The library project demonstrated our commitment to the community. We’re proud to see that all of our China aerospace units and their joint ventures and more than 12% of our employees have participated in the donation trips,” said Liping Xie, “The passion from our people will continue bringing more laughter and joy of reading to those children.”

UTC’s first project with The Library Project dates back to 2009, when a group of Pratt & Whitney employees in Shanghai raised the funds and donated two libraries for elementary schools in Taihe County, Anhui Province. Now, UTC and The Library Project have formed a solid partnership in China and help the schools that are in need.

UTC has established a long-term partnership with China’s aviation industry. Since 1929, UTC’s aerospace businesses – Pratt & Whitney, Hamilton Sundstrand and Sikorsky – have increased their involvement in the aerospace industry in China through 10 joint ventures covering sourcing, manufacturing, sales and marketing, maintenance, repair and overhaul and operations.



United Technologies, based in Hartford, Conn., is a diversified company providing high technology products and services to the global aerospace and building industries.

About Pratt & Whitney
Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines, industrial gas turbines and space propulsion systems. Pratt & Whitney has a growing presence in China with six joint ventures and approximately 1,200 employees covering sales, marketing, customer service, procurement, manufacturing overhaul and customer training.

About Hamilton Sundstrand
Hamilton Sundstrand is among the world’s largest suppliers of advanced aerospace and industrial products and services. Its aerospace systems can be found on nearly 80 percent of aircraft in the western world. Hamilton Sundstrand is a key systems supplier on the COMAC C919.

About Sikorsky
Sikorsky is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of advanced helicopter for commercial, industrial and military uses. In 2003, Sikorsky entered a joint venture in Shanghai to promote lightweight helicopter sales and service, S-76® and S-92® helicopter spares support, S-76 supply management and flight service. Sikorsky helicopters played a vital role in disaster relief of Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province in 2008.

About The Library Project
The Library Project is a non-profit charity organization that donates books and libraries to the under-financed schools in the developing world. They believe that education is change. Up to now, The Library Project has accumulatively created more than 650 libraries for elementary schools in the remote areas in China. The Library Project is a charity partner of China Population Welfare Foundation – a non-profit charity organization approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs Registry.