July 5, 2024

The Library Project Earns Platinum Seal of Transparency with Candid

We are delighted to announce that The Library Project has again earned the Platinum Seal of Transparency with Candid. This recognition highlights our ongoing commitment to transparency, accountability, and impact in providing books and educational resources to underserved communities.

Since 2008, The Library Project has been dedicated to improving literacy and education at rural elementary schools, kindergartens, orphanages, community centers, and children’s hospitals in Asia. For over a decade, we have consistently earned the highest level of transparency from Candid, previously known as GuideStar.

Candid’s Platinum Seal of Transparency signifies that we share clear and important information about our goals, strategies, achievements, and progress indicators. This openness fosters trust and demonstrates our accountability to our supporters, partners, and the communities we serve.

Our commitment to transparency is about building trust and showcasing our journey. Significant milestones we’ve achieved include:

  • Establishing over 3,000 libraries in schools and communities.
  • Distributing more than 2 million books.
  • Providing training and support to over 40,000 teachers and librarians.
  • Engaging with governments and local communities to create sustainable programs.
  • Improving the education that over a million children receive.

These achievements are possible thanks to the support of our donors, partners, volunteers, and team members. Each library, book, and inspired student reflects our collective effort.

We invite you to visit our profile on Candid to learn more about our work and see the impact of your support. Your continued support enables us to provide more children with the necessary resources to succeed.

Thank you for being part of The Library Project family. We are building a brighter future, one book at a time.

For more information about our work and how you can get involved, please visit our website at The Library Project.