Literacy Bags

Literacy Bags provides children with high-quality educational books, enabling the first steps toward building a home library. This initiative is designed to significantly enhance the reading resources available to rural families, fostering a focus on children’s literacy across diverse backgrounds.

We distribute Children’s Literacy Bags with the support of local governments, schools, and educators. Integral to this program is the capacity-building training provided to parents and caregivers. Educating them on integrating literacy practices at home is vital for their children’s educational development.

Quality Children's Books

Hand-picked local language and age-appropriate children’s books.

STEAM Education

Books focusing on science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths.

Home Libraries

A home library for children to learn, grow and explore the world.

Inclusive Programming

Libraries that promote equality and female empowerment.

Training for Parents

All parents receive comprehensive online children's literacy training.

Monitoring & Evaluation

94% of our libraries are used on a daily-to-weekly basis after the first year.

Parent Literacy Training, Monitoring, and Ongoing Support

The Library Project provides comprehensive training for parents at each literacy bag donation. We see this as essential to every donation.

Our parent training course focuses on how to properly manage their new home library and making sure it stays in good condition. The course provides parents with ways to use books in their homes and educates parents on how to create a literacy system for their children to read at home.

Measuring Our Results

At The Library Project, we believe measuring our impact is important.

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Core Values

When designing our programs, we ensure that all of our core values are represented.

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Where We Work

We work in rural elementary schools, kindergartens, orphanages, community centers and children's hospitals.

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