December 19, 2007

The Library Project completes twelve rural elementary school libraries

The Library Project is very excited to announce that they have provided twelve elementary school libraries in less than a month throughout China. The Library Project donated thousands of Chinese language children’s books, as well as tables, chairs, plants, globes, and children’s dictionaries. Librarian training was provided at each library with hopes that it will substantially improve the education children will receive at each elementary school.

Twelve libraries were donated to elementary schools in both the Liaoning and the ShaanXi Provinces.

During the Christmas holiday when everyone was curling up with family and friends, The Library Project team was braving the snow and donating over 500 Chinese language children’s books to five rural elementary schools in the LvShun countryside. LvShun is located about one hour outside of Dalian in the Northeast of China. Thomas Stader, founder of The Library Project said, “We are all very happy to have the opportunity to play our small part in improving the education that each child receives at these five elementary schools. I would like to thank the LvShun Charity Federation for helping to make all of these book donations possible.” The LvShun Charity Federation and The Library Project have partnered together to provide children’s books to the remaining fifteen rural elementary schools over the next year.

Shortly after the LvShun effort, The Library Project with the help of Aston English provided seven rural elementary schools full libraries in the BaQiao School District. BaQiao is located just outside of Xi’an in the ShaanXi Province. Over seven hundred Chinese language children’s books, as well as tables, chairs, plants, globes, and children’s dictionaries were donated to each school. Aston English in both Xi’an and YanLiang held book collections at their English language schools and raised over 6,000 Chinese language children’s books to benefit our project.

Over twenty volunteers from Xi’an and YanLiang came out to help provide the libraries to the schools. “Our volunteers play an important role in introducing the students to their new library. Games are played, songs are sung, and of course books are read. It is a very positive experience for everyone involved; the school administration, teachers, students, and the volunteers,” says Jenny Wang, The Library Project’s China Project Manager.

What will the future hold for The Library Project? More libraries, and lots of them!

The Library Project will provide five libraries in the BaQiao School District this March. Looking further out, they are seeking funding to provide libraries to an additional fifty libraries in the remote South of the ShaanXi Province.

“These remote elementary schools have fantastic administration, dedicated teachers, and a great bunch of students eager to learn. One of the areas that the schools lack is quality children’s books to spark these young mind’s creativity and love of reading. We have the means to get these schools books, but all we need now is the funding. We need help,” says Stader.

Depending on the individual school’s needs, each school library will cost no more than 4,000 to 8,000 RMB ($540 to 1,080 USD). Some elementary schools are only in need of books, but most rural elementary schools lack any kind of physical library for the children to read in.