Orphanages & Community Centers

We conduct programming in more urban settings at orphanages and community centers. These locations have many different needs than rural elementary schools. We support orphanages and community centers through small book donations of local language children’s books. At orphanages, we also conduct literacy programs. During summer months when children are not in school, Literacy Programs can happen on a weekly basis at orphanages. While Literacy Programs at a rural elementary school involve an entire classroom, at orphanages it sometimes only involves our staff reading with 2-3 children at a time. Through modifying our programs in these urban settings, we are able to give even more children a chance to improve their literacy.

Our Solution

This is where The Library Project comes in.

We donate libraries to orphanages and community centers in urban communities. Our libraries have high quality, educational materials. All of our books are in the local language and are age-appropriate for the classroom receiving a library. We donate books that promote gender equality, teach about science, engineering the environment, kindness, and bravery. Our books show little girls as pirates, Kung-Fu champions, and chemists. We include beautiful books that teach all students about the beautiful world in which we live.

We also conduct literacy programs that allow us to expand on our donation, to show children just how exciting reading can be. The administrators also receive training, which allows them to maintain their new library. After the training, children are able to check books out to read during their free time.

The Library Project works with orphanages and community centers to ensure that every child, no matter their situation, has access to high quality, educational resources. We provide access to quality libraries to give children the opportunity to read more often and improve their education.

Measuring Our Results

At The Library Project, we believe measuring our impact is important.

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2019 Annual Report

Through our in-depth Annual Reports, The Library Project is an open book.


Financial Transparency

Learn about our financial efficiency, donor accountability, and operational transparency.

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In Their Own Words

Support Children's Literacy Today.

Students attending rural school do not have access to the same quality of education that those attending urban schools. The Library Project is responding by providing rural elementary school libraries, children's literacy programs, and teacher training.