Give 196 students a school library in Vietnam

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    School Name: Lê Văn Cư Elementary School
    School location:
    Vĩnh Long, Vietnam
    # of students: 196 students
    # of teachers: 10 teachers
    Grades: Grades 1 to 5
    Library type: Reading Corner

    School Information

    The Lê Văn Cư Elementary School is located in Vĩnh Long Province in the Mekong Delta. 196 students attend grade 1 to grade 5. The school currently does not have a functioning school library.  The Library Project would like to change this with a donation of four Reading Corners, each going into the corner of their four classrooms.

    Each Reading Corner will be a child-friendly bright blue bookshelf that will be packed full of age appropriate local language children’s books. Also, each shelf will also have a globe sitting on top.

    We would like to provide this school a library during their Fall 2017 Semester. We need your help.

    The students will also receive literacy programs.  Our literacy programs have one simple goal; to get children excited about reading. We see this as the second step to a library donation. Once a library is in place, it is essential to properly introduce children to a world filled with books. Our literacy programs are also a time to introduce the teachers and administrators on how best to get children excited about their new library. This is a big reason why our libraries are used on day-one.

    The Library Project will also provide a comprehensive librarian training course for the teachers and administration at the school. We see this as the third step to a library donation. Our librarian training course is created specifically for teachers and administrators on how to manage their library. This course covers how to properly care for their library, how to use the books in a classroom setting, and how to get the teaching staff involved in the maintenance of their library.

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