May 21, 2019

Photo story: Gameloft gives 200 books for World Book Day

What’s the best way to celebrate World Book Day? To us, it is bringing over 200 Vietnamese language children’s books to a primary school in rural Vinh Long, Vietnam. With the donation from Gameloft Vietnam, The Library Project was able to give 80 students here two new STEM Classroom Libraries. In this journey, we have lots of help from the local community, school teachers and administrators, which makes this April 23rd even more memorable.


Follow us on this donation!



The school we came to is a satellite school in Tra On district, Vinh Long province. Curious kids welcomed us as soon as we arrived.



There is only one narrow alley way leading to this school. Gameloft team help carry the bookshelves and resources.



A school teacher and TLP volunteer help carry books from the van.



It’s early in the afternoon when we arrive. This school has only 5 classrooms with 80 students. All of the students in grade 1, 2 and 5 are studying inside these classrooms.



We are divided into three teams to prepare for the donation.



Team One – school teachers and Gameloft’s staff – join hands to stamp our new books.



Team Two – TLP staff and school teachers seperate different posters for each class.



The teachers are examining our new maps and posters.


“I like this food pyramid. It is a helpful tool to teach children how to have a balanced meal. I also want to have one at my house for my own kids” – This teacher told us while looking through some posters.



Team Three – all men from Gameloft and TLP build the bookshelves. This task is also the most time-consuming.



Meanwhile, Team One helps place the book on the shelves. This small act attracts some little audiences.



Fun time! Everyone gathers to play Simon Says and gets ready to know about their new libraries. Our hosts for this activity are Ms. Trang from Gameloft and Mr. Son from The Library Project.



Introducing our new STEM Classroom Library! We have all sorts of books, and also some LEGOs for anyone who likes games.



“You should take care of these books. Don’t tear them, don’t bite them. Remember? Now, who can tell us what to do to keep books in good condition?”


An fun experiment about a balloon jet is conducted. A balloon is attached to a straw threaded onto the string. Once it is blown up and released, the balloon flies forward. This experiment demonstrates the principle of rocketry: pressurized gas creates thrust.



“Now we will have a ballon jet race between five teams. Who wants to play this game?”



“Ready, set, go!” – Every attendee shouts out loud.



Yayy! Purple team wins!



After the game, it is group reading time for everyone.



Our volunteer is teaching these kids to read an encyclopedia about art.



The kids are really interested in colorful images in these books.



Watch a short video of our Literacy Program here




Ms. Loan, teacher of the school, received the donation sign from Ms. Hang (Gameloft Vietnam) and Ms. Kristin Harper (The Library Project)




It’s great to see their faces lit up by these books and activities. Gameloft will be back to Vinh Long with even more libraries in the future, giving rural children a chance to improve their literacy and education.




To the interns and volunteer of TLP, this is the first library donation that they have joined. They put a lot of effort in finding the right books and resources, as well as preparing for the experiment. This happens also because of them.


Thank you, Gameloft Vietnam, for this meaningful World Book Day!



Photos by Nhi Nguyen and Kristin Harper. Video by Nhi Nguyen.