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Since 2008, The Library Project has been dedicated to improving children’s literacy at rural elementary schools. We achieve this by providing local language STEM libraries, children’s literacy programs, and teacher training.

Our Programs

The Library Project aims to improve education in underprivileged communities by establishing libraries and educational programs. We focus on four main initiatives: Reading Rooms, STEM Classroom Libraries, Children’s Literacy Bags, and Teacher Training. Through these programs, we provide access to books, educational resources, and teacher training to empower children and educators in developing a lifelong love for learning.

Reading Rooms

Our Reading Rooms program involves setting up safe and inviting spaces in rural schools and community centers with age-appropriate books and learning materials. These spaces aim to foster a love for reading, improve literacy skills, and encourage a supportive learning environment for children.

STEM Classroom Libraries

Our STEM Classroom Libraries program equips schools with specialized libraries that focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects. By providing access to relevant and engaging STEM books, we aim to enhance students’ interest in these fields and promote proficiency in STEM education.

Children’s Literacy Bags

Our Children’s Literacy Bags program involves distributing bags filled with books and educational materials to children in disadvantaged areas. These bags promote literacy at home, encourage parental involvement in education, and reinforce the importance of reading outside the classroom.

Teacher Training

The Library Project recognizes the crucial role of educators in students’ development. Through our Teacher Training program, we provide workshops and resources to enhance teaching methodologies, promote innovative approaches to education, and support teachers in creating effective and engaging learning experiences for their students.

Where We Work

The Library Project operates throughout China, focusing on communities with limited access to educational resources. By partnering with local organizations, schools, and government agencies, we bring our programs to regions where they can significantly impact and empower children with the gift of education and learning.

Our Results

At The Library Project, measuring our impact is incredibly important. It provides data so that we can continually improve our programs. We also believe it is important to communicate our successes and challenges to those who support us.

We have impacted one million children through our education programs.

A safe space for children to learn, grow, and explore the world.

Provides students and teachers easy access to a classroom library.

A comprehensive training course for teachers and administrators.

A home library for children to learn, grow and explore the world.

Inclusive books focusing on STEM education and literature.

During this calendar year, we are working with over three hundred schools.

We consider every school that we work with a partner.

80 Regions Impacted

We work throughout China to improve children's education.

272 Government Partners

We work closely with government partners at each school we support.

Generous corporate investors make our programs possible.

We conduct education programs in China and Vietnam.

Our Partners

Partners that have supported our programs over the past year.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 2008, The Library Project has worked with hundreds of corporate partners, improving rural literacy in Asia. Each of these partnerships begins with our organization listening to the individual needs of each corporation and then crafting a CSR program that truly fits into the company’s culture.

No matter the size of your company; small or large, you can make a difference. Our corporate donors range from Cummins (industrial engines) to Urban Soup Kitchen (a local restaurant chain). Each of our corporate partners uniquely approaches CSR. There is no “right way” to give back; only “your way.” We look at your company’s size, industry, history, and locations . . . then we work together to create a program that fits your budget and expectations.

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Have questions about how you or your company can get involved through fundraising? Please get in touch with us!

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