May 28, 2019

HKBAV donate their first Reading Room in Vietnam

On May 17th, Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam (HKBAV) donated their first Reading Room in partnership with The Library Project. The library gives this rural school 1,050 Vietnamese language children’s books, impacting 323 students and 19 teachers. This is also the biggest library they have ever donated with The Library Project in Vietnam.



Please watch this video to truly feel the atmosphere of this donation:



Amazing little helpers

This school is hidden behind a small local market. There is only one small road leading to the school gate. Although the resources we delivered are heavy, all students went out to help us carry everything.



With the teachers and children’s help, we get things set up very quickly. In addition to 5 bookshelves, there were also 4 tables, 32 chairs, 15 stools, 12 sitting pillows, 16 floor mats, a globe, some maps and educational posters.


The kids are super impressed with their new books and globe.



Ms. Tracy from HKBAV and Mr. Khoa, our volunteer, conducted the Literacy Program. They not only introduced the students to their new library, but also taught them how to keep books in good condition. These children also had their private reading time, and some bookmarks were given to the ones who volunteered to share the stories’ meanings.



Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son, the principal of the school, said: “Our school lacks of a standard library. There is not enough money to upgrade the old one. So we the teachers are very happy and honored to receive this new library.”



Get excited for the game

The part every student was waiting for is the game. Even though it was time for parents to pick them up, they all wanted to stay to play the game. We combined this game with a science experiment about thrust, and let the children participate in a balloon jet race to see which team finished first. This and other easy experiments are also included in our STEM books.





More about HKBAV

The Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political voluntary Membership Association of Hong Kong business in Vietnam. HKBAV aims to facilitate interactions among its members in the domestic and international business communities in Vietnam and Hong Kong. Further, HKBAV is now a part of a global Business Association sharing a membership database with 44 Hong Kong Business Associations in 33 countries with over 13,000 individual associates.



HKBAV is dedicated to supporting education in Vietnam. Through the work of its Charity Committee and the support of its members, HKBAV has continuously supported The Library Project.

To date, HKBAV has donated 10 Reading Corners and one Reading Room, with a total of 3,270 Vietnamese children’s books, impacted 44 teachers and has given 574 students access to high quality educational resources to improve their literacy.



Thank you, HKBAV, for your continued support to improve children’s literacy in Vietnam!

To learn more about The Library Project and our Reading Rooms, or how to get your company involved please visit our website.


The Library Project is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to provide children in Asia with access to high- quality educational resources, Literacy Programs and Teacher Trainings.


Article & videos by Nhi Nguyen. Photos by Nhi Nguyen and Calvin (HKBAV).