Charles Henry Sie

September 12, 1934 – February 27, 2013

Charles, the son of Sié Chéou-Kang and Yong Foo Yuan, was born in Shanghai, China in 1934 and passed away peacefully in Los Angeles, California. Charles came to the United States in 1950 and stayed at a Catholic orphanage until high school graduation. He studied electrical engineering at Manhattan College and received his Ph.D. at Iowa State University pioneering Phase Change Memory. Charles became VP of Engineering at Xerox, being the first Chinese American to do so. He was very active in Asian American issues and was a founding member and Vice Chairman of Committee of 100. After retirement, he was a visiting professor at Nankai University and a special advisor to UCLA School of Engineering. He was instrumental in incorporating the study of Chinese as a primary language to the Palos Verdes School District. Charles is survived by Maureen, his wife of 55 years; his three children, Michael, Kathleen, and Angela; two brothers, John and Francis; and four grandchildren.

Charles was tireless in promoting mutual understanding and respect between China and America. It is befitting that the Charles Sie Fund has been set up at the Library Project. The Charles Sie Fund supports libraries in China for poor and underprivileged students in primary schools and orphanages.

The Anna and John J. Sie Foundation

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Our Results and Vision

The Charles Sie Fund donates libraries to improve children’s literacy. Children gain access to a beautiful school library providing fun and interesting children’s books that spark their imaginations and promote a lifelong love of reading. Having fun educational books easily available helps to encourage independent learning, intellectual curiosity, and a lifelong passion for reading. All of our library donations have a Librarian Training component. This course covers how to properly loan books to students, how to use the children’s books in a classroom setting, and how to get the students involved in the maintenance of their library.

Local language children’s books

We provide a wide range of local language children’s books including history, science, short stories, fairy tales, books for very young readers, children’s dictionaries, children’s reference books, and an assortment of comic books. Each school also receives a full set of children’s encyclopedias for older students. Every book is in full color and of the highest print quality. To acquire our books, we work with various large bookstores’ regional warehouses, online book distributors, and also resellers.

About the Anna and John J. Sie Foundation

The Anna and John J. Sie Foundation is the founding donor of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, the Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome, and the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome. In addition, the Anna and John J. Sie Foundation provides support for various other non-profits in Colorado and around the world. The Foundations’ main areas of grant giving are Down syndrome, International Security and Diplomacy, Education, Arts and Culture, and Media. The Foundation is a private 501(c)3 family foundation and does not accept unsolicited proposals.

About The Library Project

Founded in 2006, The Library Project is a non-profit charity organization that donates libraries to the under-financed schools and orphanages in Cambodia, China and Vietnam. They believe education is the key motivator to breaking the cycle of poverty that exists in the developing world. The Library Project is a registered 501(c)3 charity in the United States, is a partner of the China Population Welfare Foundation in Mainland China, and is a registered non-profit organization in Hong Kong and Vietnam. All donations are tax-deductible in the USA, China and Hong Kong.

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