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Our Results

To date, The Library Project has established over 1,200 libraries in China and Vietnam with over 350 more library donations planned by the end of 2014. Some of our libraries are small and others are large, but all of our libraries help to improve the education of each and every child that touches their many colorful books.

2013’s Results & 2014’s Goals

We had an incredible 2013 at The Library Project. We donated 361 libraries in 2012—a 13% increase from the previous year’s 313 library donations. The 342 libraries consisted of 311 children's school libraries and 50 teacher's reference libraries.

With the end of 2013, The Library Project had donated 1,224 libraries since its inception. More than 600,000 children's books reached the hands of over 500,000 eager children. We could not have accomplished these incredible results without the support of our many partners, volunteers, and our dedicated team.

Riding the coattails of our highly productive 2013, 2014 is turning out to be an epic year for The Library Project. While continuing to strengthen our programs, we will be both expanding geographically and investing internally in our organization. We are very excited about successfully bringing TLP to Vietnam and improving the educational infrastructure that so many rural elementary schools, orphanages, and community centers are lacking through the donation of colorful and fun libraries for the children they serve.  2014 will also see us expanding into our third country; Cambodia.

600,000 Books Donated

The Library Project has donated over 600,000 children's books to rural elementary schools, community centers, and orphanages throughout China and Vietnam. To acquire our books, we work with various large bookstore’s regional warehouses, online book distributors, and resellers. For the most part, we receive deep discounts of between 20-80% off the retail price of each book. This allows us to provide the highest quality books to fill the shelves of each of our library donations at a very reasonable price.

The Library Project provides a wide range of local language children's books including: history, science, short stories, fairy tales, books for very young readers, children's dictionaries, children's reference books, and an assortment of comic books. Each school also receives a full set of children's encyclopedias for older students. Every book is in full color and of the highest print quality.

100,000 Used Books Collected

The Library Project receives the support of personal and corporate book donations, and has collected over 100,000 children's books through our Book Collection Campaign. This campaign takes place at elementary schools, high schools, conferences, companies, and in local communities. We only accept children's books that are of the highest quality and in "like new" condition. This not only gets the community involved, but also raises awareness of the hardships faced by rural elementary schools, community centers, and orphanages.




24,000 Librarians Trained

To date, we have trained over 24,000 librarians in both China and Vietnam. The Library Project has created a comprehensive Librarian Training Course for the teachers and administrators of every rural elementary school and orphanage. This course covers how to check-in and check-out books to students, how to use the children's books in a classroom setting, and how to get the students involved in the maintenance of their library.

Our Librarian Training Course is a "crash course" on how to manage their new library, and gets the teachers and administrators up to speed on day one. We have found that once we began implementing this training course, 94% of our libraries pass our Post-Assessment after the first year, and 6% "need work." When libraries "need work" we double our efforts over the next two years.  These are the kinds of results that everyone at The Library Project is so proud of and keeps us moving toward our goals every day.

Our China Operations

The Library Project functions in twenty-three provinces throughout China. We work with the most underfunded rural elementary schools in some of the most remote regions of China. The number of provinces we work in is constantly growing, because we are very donor driven, in that we work closely with donors on which region they would like to support.

For more information on our China operations, please click here.

Our Vietnam Operations

The Library Project has officially begun donating libraries to Vietnam. We are currently focusing our efforts on the Mekong Delta, and will soon slowly expand our programs up the coast. Our goal is to donate twenty libraries in the 2014 calendar year in Vietnam.

For more information on our Vietnam operations, please click here.


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