Over a half million children impacted

At The Library Project we believe that measuring our impact is incredibly important. It provides data so that we can coninually improve our programs. We also believe it is important to communicate, both the successes and challenges, that we face to those that support us. To date, we have impacted over a half million children through providing access to libraries in their rural primary schools. The beautiful thing about a school library is it lives, it stays just a relevant on day one as it will ten years into the future. Because of this new children annually gain access to these beautiful libraries and the total impact a library has on a community grows annually.







Over 20,000 librarians trained

Training is critical to the long-term success of a library donation. Teachers at rural primary schools and administrators at orphanages all receive training on how to manage their new library. This training course is the first day of a three-year relationship between The Library Project team that ensures each and every library we donate operates at the highest level. Training is a critical part of every library donation.






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Over 1,800 literacy programs conducted

It is not enought to just provide libraries, it is critical to work directly with the children. We take the necessary time to introduce the children to their new library, talk to them about the importance of reading, and how each book is a window to another world. At the end of each literacy program the children understand that this new library will be open to them and they will be able to check books out for overnight reading. Children are always very excited.






"I like the new library. I would love to come here often. I don't know what my favorite book is, there are so many books."

—Student in the Shaanxi Province, China.

"I had never seen so many books before. Now my classmates and I borrow a book every Friday."

—Student in the Anhui Province, China.

“A library means having an alternative source of literacy tools for pupils. Because these children live in a rural area, many of their parents have left for the cities to earn money. The education is usually left to the grandparents, who are ill-equipped to educate the children. Libraries provide the missing link in their education and turn students on to mentally engaging hobbies. I am glad to have such a library.”

—Principal in the Anhui Province, China.




Help us make a difference, one book at a time.


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