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Why Libraries?

Books of all kinds play a critical role in a child’s development. Unfortunately in Asia, most children do not have access to books beyond basic school textbooks. Children’s books are a luxury to have in Asia and are a rarity in many elementary schools, orphanages and community centers. Having fun educational books available helps to encourage independent learning, intellectual curiosity, and a lifelong passion for reading. The Library Project’s goal is to put books in the hands of eager kids throughout Asia.

Our Three Programs

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Reading Room Program — A Reading Room is a fun place for children to enjoy reading. Colorful tables, chairs, bookshelves, and posters decorate this “child safe” area. Our Reading Rooms are donated to larger schools with over one hundred students.

Reading Corner Program — A Reading Corner is a group of child-accessible bookshelves placed in the corner of an elementary school classroom. This library solution is perfect for schools that lack a room that can be dedicated as a Reading Room. Reading Corners are donated to smaller schools with less than one hundred students.

Book Donation Program — A Book Donation goes into schools, community centers and orphanages that have the hardware for a library, but not the books. Book Donations are generally provided to larger schools with student numbers over five hundred students.

picture frame_single_small_volunteer_library_donation Our Approach

The Library Project provides colorful “child safe” libraries for rural elementary schools, community centers, and orphanages in Asia. The Library Project does not construct buildings; we use a location’s available space in a cost-efficient way. Providing educational infrastructure in Asia is both challenging and rewarding; it takes planning, cultural competency, and logistical management to get the job done.

The Library Project has three programs: Reading Room Program, Reading Corner Program, and Book Donation Program.

With each of these types of programs, we involve the local community and the children as much as possible. We do this through local community based book drives that also raise awareness of the issues surrounding orphanages and underprivileged schools. The children are involved in many aspects of a library’s development and construction by helping to unpack the books, set up mats, and clean the new space. As a reward for the children’s assistance, we arrange a small party with educational games, balloons, and crafts.

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