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featured library_side_02Welcome to the News & Media page where you will find news and media information about The Library Project. If you are a member of the media, please contact Christine Wang. We welcome all inquiries from the media about our educational work.

Upcoming Events

The Library Project has fundraising events happening all the time. Our Upcoming Events range from wine tastings, charity dinners, book collections, marathon sponsorships, charity poker tournaments, and even motorcycle challenges. To learn more, please visit our Upcoming Events page.

In the News

Henkel Gives the Gift of Reading, Shanghai, China,
-November 10, 2014 

UTC Completes 300 Libraries in China, Shanghai, China,
-October 24, 2014 

UTC Expands Rural Children’s Access to Education Resources, Shanghai, China,
-July 2014 

UTC - Making Things Better, UTC: Press Release
-April 2014 

UTC Launches China Library Project, Shanghai, China,
-December 2013 

The Library Project Launches Operations in Vietnam, The Library Project
-June 2013 

1000th library donations; impacting 315,000 children, The Library Project
-June 2013 

Parkson is The Library Project's first Vietnam donor, The Library Project
-April 2013 

The Library Project is now registered in Hong Kong
, The Library Project
-May 2013 

FESCO Adecco: The Gift of Reading, China Daily
-May 2013 

UTC to complete 200 library donations by the end of 2013, Shanghai
-March 6, 2013 2013 

Brady Corporation completes 55 library donations, The Library Project
-January 2013 

NetworkHR supports rural elementary schools, The Library Project
-December 2012 

UTC donates 100 in 2012, 100 more in 2013, The Library Project: Press Release
-July 26, 2012 

77 Library Donations with UTC Aerospace China, The Library Project: Press Release
-July 26, 2012 

Opening Eyes in Rural China, Agenda Magazine
-April 2011

China Dream, China Daily
-April 4, 2011

Hyatt on the Bund donates 12 libraries, The Library Project: Press Release
-January 25, 2011

350 libraries donated in four years, The Library Project: Press Release
-January 1, 2011

CBS News Interview with Founder Tom Stader, CBS News
-December 20, 2010

Brady donates $150,000 over three years, The Library Project: Press Release
-December 20, 2010

Beijing Rotary donate 39 libraries in China, The Library Project: Press Release
-December 10, 2010

Hyatt, Shanghai Daily set menu, Shanghai Daily
-March 17, 2010

Get Involved - The Library Project, Time Out Shanghai
-February 2010

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